pretty laconic

So I'm a fashion student now.


summer is here atlast

So, I've finished school, my boyfriend made me icecream with creamy limoncela and still I don't know what I'm going to do next. But until I figure it out I gonna lay back a bit..or more than a bit: >


you and me in paradise

first exam have already passed, hooray !!
Sweet dreams for me, you and us all: )


Let's party !

only four exams left



2010.05.20 3.33am
magical time.

And then comes this morning with unusual (and at the same time usual) and new us


days-off and working hours

A teacher is a person with a VERY constant schedule
I though walking to school today


the perfect sunday

me, waking up and waiting impatiently till I'm ready to go out.
us,my and my boyfriend, walking in a store, picking material for my arts exam.
me, trying to learn to play the piano both hands.

going with my mum to the middle of nowhere where she's trying to kitesurf, although there's no water, then looking up to the sky where a bird is flying in one place, because of the wind, then trying to drive mums car and pretty successfully.

And so I am back.



THE stupid me

I've found my keys !
You couldn't believe, where they were ! In my wallet ! Hooray for stupid !

Well, atleast now is one problem less: } and the others are not such a big problems,,,hm,, yet: >

Ciao !



Yesterday I've lost my keys: |
Hope I'll find them at my doc's
(I finally can go to school this monday, Hooray!!!)

But there were funny moments, though.
Like me and my boyfriend switched the fridge's door, so now it opens to the other side. My mums reaction was
'What's this ? Why did you changed handles ? {then she tries to open the fridge} Oh, I get it, haha'
Glad she has a sense of humour: }


Some Facts about owls

Some Facts about owls

love it love it love it !
: }

wait.. I know this one ! Two plus two is... SEVEN !!


pheasant in snow

Thanks God, the snow is melted now !
: }


tea tea all the day

Hate being ill.
Yesterday I had my lungs X-rayed.
Glad my mum let me go outside today, cuz ma boyfriend's playing vinyl this afternoon.
Hope It's not raining.


my sister

turn on some old rock'n'roll