DIY day: jersey leftover pt.I

A whole lot can be done out of little pieces of fabric leftover. Sometimes it even turns out really good. So today, while tidying my stuff up, I've noticed I have a hell of a lot jersey scraps, that can't be used to sew nothing alone. BUT, if I put them all together...: ) So, I threw the mop away and there I was, sorting the jersey out, then trying one color with another etc. Here's how I succeeded.

So first of all, as always, I took everything I need and put besides me (I don't feel good when I have to wander around my room, searching for stuff when I'm working)

Then I drawn the cutting lines (I used the patterns from the last year)

Then I cut the fabric (back part)

Then I took other jerseys and put them on the pack part of blouse-to-be. I marked where the scraps should be stitched and sewn together and to the back part...

...and then I cut them to be the same shape as the back part(except the neckline - I made it bigger). Then I stitched the blue, green and black part together.

And finally, I cut out the sleeves. By the way, one sleeve will have one seam, and the other - two, because I had three pieces of black jersey - one was enough for one sleeve and the others were too small, so I'll just join them.

Now I have only to take it to school and sew it with overlock machine that I unfortunately don't have. When it will be finished, I will shoot it and put the picture here: )

bye now,

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