DIY day: leather+chains

Today I made nice necklace. I used a little leather scrap I found in my "vault of leather" : >>, approximately two meters of chain I bough the other day, two pieces to hook up the necklace, universal moment glue, pocket knife, scissors, ruler, promarker and black thread with a needle.

So, first of, I took everything I needed.

Then I cut the leather to a strap

Then I cut the ends of a strap to make a triangular end.

Then I glued one third of strap using moment glue (and even managed not to glue my fingers: )) and stitched the chain with closures on it to the strap.

Then I glued the other part of leather strap that I left earlier and stitched the chain to the strap at the back side of the strap (I stitched the whole chain thing to the top of that part I've glued second time: ))

When I did what I did earlier I glued the strap a little more because it went off a little bit during the stitching process and, for the final touch I've drawn my sign with metallic promarker(on the right side of the necklace).

And that's all folks

P.S. Sorry for the crappy quality of pics, I don't have normal camera at this moment


  1. Wow, nice DIY! Maybe I´ll try this out :)

    1. Thanks !

      You should definitely try this or something similar, because it's easy made and looks chic: )

  2. I love this DIY! Super cute results! You have a really pretty blog too! Love it!

    You Like It? I Made It!

    1. Thanks very much, Rejina !


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