hi again, new news

I keep remembering and forgetting again about this blog. I suppose I don't get to call it mine, because I kind of abandoned it.
Well, but this is me, writing again (impossible to believe, huh?).

I'm halfway done studying now, and sure as a hell looking forward to next year and a half.
Right at the moment I'm occupied creating experimental fashion collection, so I hope to launch it here and on my lookbook, once it's done. I'm still at this messy-sketching-draping-sewing-sketching again point, but I'm okay with it.

We are having auditions next wednesday, when teachers will be all-so-fancy and cold-hearted and probably will write bad marks, but I don't care, I never did, actually. Just face it, swallow it and move on. That's my philosophy.

So be it then.

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