Pretending to study for business exam

Today, at school library (how oldschoolish of me: D) I've chosen pictures for my next task at fashion history lecture which is to make my own haute couture variation of famous designers work.
I've chosen Andy Warhol's 'campbells soup' dress from mid sixties, that I love and actually saw the dress with my own eyes and wanted to steal from the exhibition where the dress was. Then I picked one of Madeleine Vionnet's dresses, that could look interesting if I use the wavy pattern or print. Then my eye caught one of Rabanne's artwork that I deeply adore and finally I decided to stick up with Rudi's Gernreich's monokini that I'll try to mix up with a tricot made by the same designer.

So I came back home, sat to my neat little table that me and my boyfriend made last weekend and I started to draw 'babes' who should 'wear' the dresses. As I'm not an ideal drawer, I was very happy with the result,,
until I've realized I still need to study for my business management exam that I hate and it stinks.
So bye now, I take my notebook and off I go to gruesome planet of business management !

oh, and I love this song now, it suits me at the moment

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