Right to God's ear

Just yesterday Stefany Strange said "Have a wonderful day, darling!", so I had - I had two wonderful cups of coffee, bussiness exam went very normally and quite easy, I paid rent and my landlord gave me back some money to buy something nice for the flat me and my flatmate live in, AND I've drawn the first model for the fashion history and I look forward to show it to my drawing teacher and history teacher, who, hopefully not for long, got sick today. I still don't know if I'm going the right direction with the task and the dress could and should be better but I'm really happy I made something rather that just sitting comfy in the bed picking nose: D
so bye now, off I go to read a fine evening book !

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  1. Aww, you are awesome :)
    I am really happy that you had such a great day, so I wish that every single day of your life brings happiness and success :))
    Stefany Strange


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