so colorful be it (strange fashion)

I'm not the kind of color mode person, I like to keep it simple, add a touch of color. I admire blacks, greys, whites (although not that much), blues sometimes. Others are just spices to make the ensemble happier. But after I saw Comme des Garçons collection for fall 2012 on VOGUE I felt sad. Not that colors let me down or something, but it was the garments that, in my eyes, fails to be called actual garments.
I mean, I know, there is experimental fashion and normal fashion, and the fashion you let to walk on runway, but I've never heard of you-first-cut-me-out-of-material-and-just-then-wear-me fashion, not since the childhood, when I used to play with paper dolls.
I might be a little conservative on this one but I don't like huge garment bags that pretends to be some sort of clothing that I can't even see through it's gruesomeness.

have a nice day though !

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