which shoes do I choose

Isn't that a daily dillema for all of us ? I mean, it is really tough for me to choose what do I dress every day. Few months ago there were a period when I used to dress and redress three to five times every morning until I've picked the right ensemble. I know, I know, it's a bit maniacal and sounds crazy, but that's how it was.
I remember once, me and one of my friends had to meet for coffee. He lives about twenty five minutes away from me. So I've said "okay, I'll go to you and you go to me and then we meet"
And that was how he did. Of course, something wasn't right for me with my clothes and all and when he called and asked where the hell I was, because he is standing right by my doorstep, I've realized I was picking between two pair of shoes for about twenty minutes !
Actually, I don't like to get very preppy but sometimes it happens no matter what I want: )
And so it is for everyone I reckon

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