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I like doing various 'workshoppy' things, especially when I get some nice result: >

The last painting I did with watercolour, not with letraset promarkers though.


So, after a long, looong week-end the new week starts, full of surprises, I guess. First of, business management exam that I forgot about, so I might need to study a little bit (this subject is one of my notfavourite ones).
New projects will start even today, as far as I remember we will have to choose four famous designer ensembles or garments and draw our own haute couture garment out of them, so it might be challenging, I could put photographs of how I'm doing to my blog: )


  1. Sakyk,kur dabar galima isigyti promarkeriu?ankciau budavo piestukuose-popieriukuose didziausias pasirinkimas,dabar nebematyt jau ju....

  2. dabar 'dailu' prie akademijos vieninteliai prekiauja promarkeriais kiek žinau. Tarp kitko, dabar pas juos akcijikė - perki 9 markerius (vienas ar su susimetęs draugais) ir gali pasirinkti vieną naujovišką markerį, storu kietu, o plonu minkštu, teptukiniu galu: )


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