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AGAIN hello party harders or monday haters !

As tomorrow will be labor day of some sort and we don't get to go to college, I'm planning on escaping to my friend's parents house to chill and do a little grill.

STILL can't kick myself to work although I kind of did the writings for the make-up history and a tiny bit of sewing. So maybe I'm not the bad person:  )

Anyway, as the weather is N-I-C-E no one wants to do anything, so chop chop, off I go to chill a little bit more

xo xo
Hi again wonderful people!

Interested in how to make pretty new fancy and eye-catching leggings out of old leggings ?
Actually it's pretty simple - all you need is old leggings, scissors, a needle and thread, bunch of buttons (can be different or same) and a whole free afternoon.
:  )

I guess I don't need to explain it all, right ?:  )

I've used a bunch of same buttons

It's pretty simple

the end. the start

Hello you all spring people !

Today is a really different day for me, because the project now is over and I'm going to regular college lectures.
For sure, today is different.
Especially the fact, that I had almost nothing done during the two weeks of project (even no time for blogging), or that I'll have to adapt to speak lithuanian again, or that I'll meet my group mates (totally forgotten feeling).

But enough with strange feelings.

The fact is, that this ip (international project) was really fun and unforgettable ! The people, the activities, speaking english in the first place. Everything I remember from it, is a happy memory:  >
Even the fact, that on one of the last evenings I got runny nose, sore throat and a terrible cough. Even this was happy thing:  )

So, yeah,  it's a good thing to take part in all kinds of projects.



a day ahead

black ink ant letraset promarkers. One line ink drawing
hello wonderful morning birds,

how are you today ??

I'm kind of good, will try to try my new shoes from the post here. It's a bit cold outside and also wet, so I hope I don't wreck my newbies on their first day:  ))

By the way, if anyone interested, you can see some projects photos here.

Today we have a really interesting day ! At first , we'll present projects we did yesterday, then we'll have a lecture by lecturer from Turkey, then some kind of a workshop and then (the best part) there is a clay modelling workshop, so I'm really interested in doing that !

After that I'll try to come home and do my college work, as I'm not doing it very quickly as I was planned, but this is only because I feel really tired after these lectures and workshops. Really.

So bye now, I'm headed straight to shower, and then other stuff to do

P.S. Not promising, but might drag in photos of my latest DIY project (well, not xactly latest, but the one I've taken photos)


DIY fashion freak

Hello, so as was said earlier, I'm presenting you the lovely Vanessa from diy fashion freak.

Name: Vanessa
Age: 16
Blog address: http://diyfashionfreak.blogspot.com
Occupation: Student by day/ One woman sewing factory, designer and maker by night.
From: Brisbane, Australia
Love The Vampire Diaries, textured fabrics and buying things (I think I'll probably turn out like Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shoppaholic)
Hate Peas and fabrics that fray from just looking at it

Hi Vanessa, tell a bit about yourself
I'm an Aussie and I love making stuff. I consider myself a bit bonkers. I like making things, I've always loved making things actually. I have loved fashion since I was 8 (I'm 16 now). 

I'm the kind of person who is pretty much always thinking about what to make next. It never stops, really.

How did you came up with the idea to DIY ? Since when are you doing this ? 
I've been making things ever since I can remember. When I first learnt to sew on a sewing machine, I would make little dresses for dolls (I was terrible at measurements so I got the sizing all wrong)

What‘s inspiring you at the moment and at all times ? 
I'm inspired by what's around me. That sound's corny but its true. 
One of the biggest inspirations is my sewing shop, there is so much to find and make. I just wish I could buy the whole store. 
I also take inspiration from other blogs.  
What are you working on right now ? (if it‘s not a secret) Tell a bit about it 
I'm working on a seude circle skirt at the moment and possibly moving onto dip dying a shirt! 

What‘s going to be your next project ? 
I have no idea, but dip dying sounds fun.
Possibly something with glitter too

What are you plans for the future ? I mean, will you do what you are doing right now and make a living out of it or what ? 
I want to be in the fashion industry when I get older. I don't know what field but something that includes making and doing. 

Feel free to say anything else if there is something you want to say and wish something to the readers
Be yourself. Don't let others give you weird looks when you want to DIY something, no matter it's strangeness

Thank you for your lovely wish Vanessa, 

stay tuned folks

little showing up

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hello hello, everyone !

At first I'm so so so sorry I wasn't writing quite a while ! But that's just because of this project I'm participating. It's really pretty intense, so usually I just get home in the evening and fall asleep in a second. Actually, it's kind of fascinating, but tiring as well.

Tonight, as I have a little bit more time, I'll try to put in another interview. And I'm sorry for not sending the questions such a long time.

Bye now, have stuff to do


I'm so sleepy today, that even the world looks upwards
Hi everybody !

Did you missed me ? Because I missed you:  )
I just didn't had time to write something yesterday, because I was occupied from nine in the morning till eleven pm, so that's more than twelve hours ! Our sustainable project has started and yesterday was the first day - we've met our guests from Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Portugal and Turkey. Then we had formed a team of five people, in every each all is from different countries. So I teamed up with guys from Sweden and Denmark and girls from Turkey and Latvia. We had to make our logo, think of a slogan and create a name for our team. We chose to be S5, referring to the Sustainable 5:  ))) I'll put photos sometime later, cuz I don't have them now, nor I had camera yesterday. Then we had nice lunch and went to sightseeing tour blah blah:  ))) it was really fun, drive around in a bus, take photos and just relax. After that we went to have dinner to a nice outdoor place 'Belmontas' where there are a lot of nice fields and a picturesque view. As our whole group, consisting of about forty people were eating an folk band played Lithuanian folk music, then we danced bad ass Lithuanian traditional dances, and the best thing was that everyone was involved ! Because, you know, a lot of people thinks 'eeeeeww, folk music is such a shit' and they don't realize, that it came from our past, it's a relic and not some fancy up-to-date-pop-music. So we were glad to dance and have fun, and then go back home and sleep it off:  )

Actually, off I go now, because after thirty minutes we have to pick our guests from a hotel they're staying.
have a nice day y'all !


blackbird blackbird

Hello, night birds ! this is one weird-going-nowhere-on-friday-night girl reports you straight from her humble chamber:  )))

How you all doing ? Enjoying your weekend-to-be ?

Well I sure am, although there's only piles of stuff to do in my horizon.

Yesterday was, how to put it, the last day in college, as I won't be attending classes for the next two weeks because of the "Micro sustainable design - eco friendly products" projects we are having, and the schedule is quite busy, not to mention I still have tons of college work. But I'm moving forward:  ) For example today I cut and stitched a dress for my collection, then did a bit pattern work for my practice at the designer house, but mainly fridays are my day when I just put everything aside and watch a movie, do a laundry, or just sit and stare to one spot:  )
So, while my man is having fun with his groupmates somewhere about 300kilometers away, I sit in my room, sneeze, have a runny nose (ain't happy about it) and can't stop myself from making another and another cup of coffee.

Speaking about yesterday, I had an accident - a half of bottle of ink just spilled to my handbag while I was going to school clueless. Until a man came to me at the bus stop and said "Uhm, sorry, something is dripping out of your bag." Then I look to the concrete under me and realize I'm standing in a puddle of ink. Yikes !
Well, but at least I have just taken my cellphone out of the bag:  )
Later on, I was just rethinking the incident and though, how creepy it would have been if I had told the man "Oh, I know, no worries, it's just a calf liver" in an absolutely calm face. I would die to see that from a different persons perspective. But that's just me, a creepy person with a creepy thoughts. But it really would be hilarious, wouldn't it?

That's that,

bye now !


Goodnight fashion fox

As miss fashion fox is really tired this evening, she's going to get a good night's sleep and tell all of her adventures tomorrow.

Sweet dreams !


The first interview ever !

Ladies and Gentlemen ! I welcome you all here tonight to the new face showoff....
Okay, knock it of, korin:  ) let's get to the point.
I'm proudly presenting you the first featured DIYist Ciara B. from a trickle of meaning

Name     Ciara Baron
Age   16
Occupation  Fashion Student
Love   DIY Fashion, charity shops, and my kitties.
Hate    Uggs, Paul's Boutique, peanut butter and spiders!

Hi Ciara, tell a bit about yourself 

I'd like to say I've been obsessed with fashion, costume and DIY all my life, but that couldn't be further from the truth. As a child I was a tom boy with a passionate hate for clothes. I literally had two outfits I lived in. I wanted to be an actress from when I was a little girl, but around my 12th birthday I discovered that all I really liked was dressing up in the lovely costumes. I began shopping in charity shops and DIYing my clothes a little when I was around 14. I liked the individuality of it and the absolute bargains I found! I introduced my mum to charity shops and now she runs a little business from home, buying and selling on things like vintage clothes and wedding hats.
Now I'm just a shy teenage fashion student with a little blog and big dreams.

How did you come up with the idea to DIY? Since when are you doing this?I was first introduced to DIY when I was about 12. A friend showed me this website called Cutoutandkeep, where crafters share their projects in the form of tutorials. My first project was a sock monkey, and since then I've been hooked!

What‘s inspiring you at the moment and at all times? 

I take a lot of inspiration from websites like tumblr and other bloggers. Currently, I'm taking style inspiration from Disney characters like Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Belle. And of course I'm obsessed with pastels and floaty dresses, it is spring afterall!

What are you working on right now ? (if it‘s not a secret) Tell a bit about it

Right now, I'm just working to finish my current college project. It's titled 'Wonderful Waste'. We had to design and produce something inspired by an item in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The catch was that it had to be made from completely recycled materials. I took a horse headdress from the play 'Equus'. I then looked into the emotions and themes the play deals with, and took them as inspiration. My garment is made from melted bin bags, and is very awkward and uncomfortable!My deadline is next week, so I may do a little blog post with some photos when I've finished it.

What‘s going to be your next project ? 

For now I'm trying to focus on my college work. I've also applied to volunteer in a local charity shop, and I'm looking for a part time job for the summer. Of course, I have a few small DIY projects in mind. I'd like to bleach and dye myself a denim shirt pastel colours, inspired by something I saw on theraggedpriest.com. I also want to make myself an asymmetric skirt like I've been seeing all over lookbook, and following my latest college project, I'm experimenting with fusing bin bags to tshirts and dresses.

What are you plans for the future ? I mean, will you do DIY projects and make a living out of it or what ? 
Future is such a scary word. When I finish my college course next year, I think I want to go on to university to study something in the world of costume. My ideal job would be to design for West End productions, or source and alter costumes for television programs like 'Downton Abbey'. I think whatever I do, DIY and blogging will always be a huge part of my life.

Feel free to say anything else if there is something you want to say and wish something to the readers. 
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be featured on your lovely blog Korin!

A big thanks to lovely Ciara, who spent her valuable time answering the questions for my little feature !
Best wishes Ciara, and good luck doing your DIY projects !

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed it and will consider becoming a next person to be featured!

Wednesdays Wednesdays

Mornin' everyone !

As the sun tries to shine my face off, I still get to be a tiny bit grump queen. Want to know why ? WELL, because I had to do business plan yesterday (for my studies), and I didn't completed it. I wrote just a few parts (like, two of five or something) and it took such a huge amount of time that I felt speechless after doing it.
I also have a day to complete scientific essay for my boyfriend which I dearly love and can't just say "no, sweetheart, write it your self" because he's really bad at this.
Oh, righhhhht, AND i shouldn't forget to do drawings for drawing lesson - some stupid flowery things (and I don't even like flowers !) and think about how to draw my collection. And once again, I should sew, make patterns and stuff for my experimental design lesson, that is also tomorrow.
Isn't that just great ? I hope to do everything on time,

so bye now
xo xo,

P.S. Oh, tonight I might just put in the first interview with a DIYist ! Stay tuned.


I'm just totally excited today


I've just sent my little interview questions to the first girl and I'm waiting impatiently for her to respond !
I also applied for the blog presentation at the http://stylary.blogspot.de so I'm hoping for the best.

oh, and I also love this song today

secondhand goodies: black wite mint and straps

Hi again,

So walking home from school today I went to a second hand store and
I've got these super nice leather sandals,

this over-oversized white blouse...
that actually is a dress to me,

this nice and soft mint green kimono sort of blouse

and this excellent halter neck dress

with straps in the back !

oh, and my teacher said, my jacket is going really well, so the world is beautiful and the weather is as nice as a button and Dominykas came to see me last night and everything is just wonderful.
So bye now,
xo xo,


an announcement

Hi again,

A thought is rolling in my head from time to time, so I'm just spilling it out.
The thing is, I've thought of interviewing other young people about their work. Further information is written here.
Read if you're interested in being interviewed and give some feedback on comments section

Thanks !

coping myself (with a promise)

Hello after-weekenders !

Have you had a great Easter weekend ? I had. I was (and still am for couple more hours) back in my hometown, visiting dad's mum, then dad's dad, then my grandparents and then I was invited to visit my boyfriends parents, so I had A LOT of visiting, laughter, food and fun.
It was nice not to care about my school job for like, a day, but there I am again, feeling pitty for my self that I didn't do enough work and that really sucks.
But that's going to change, because today I swear, I'll do a lot of work everyday so I don't get to work the last night before the auditions like a crazy person. That's a promise.
So off I go now,


pink enough to please the day

inspiration: black and pink + silver details

I wear pink to spit in to face to bad weather and bad mood
My boyfriends newest made piece - the labyrinth ring, silver plus golden ball inside
lumene make up palette

To Mr. Weather

Hi, Mr. Weather,

Why can't you be good and warm ? I'm tired of seeing snow in APRIL. Won't you please make this right ?
Thank you,

No, really, I'm moody when there's snow everywhere, so I'm trying to make my day picking colorful piece of clothing I have. Today is the day for shear white+pink oversized tee. If my flatmate would be good enough, he might even take a picture.

see ya later


nighty night

picture thread

hi, world, it's me

This is the portrait of shoes...

...that I bought just recently
bye now !

let it be my todays song

I strangely feel like I'm this song

Hello, Wednesday

I feel like a bunch of people right now.

A girl with a book titled "outline of modernism" greets you from her messed up room somewhere in the middle of a blizzard. ha ha.
No, really, The snow is everywhere, it snows and rains at the same time, my room needs tidying bad-ly, AND I'm writing an essay on topic "Contemporary art - result of change of values or laziness?"
As I'm writing the first scientific-like essay in my life, I don't EXACTLY know what to write, so basically I'm just doing a normal essay, but trying to put wise words from the books I took yesterday at the library. It's in my native language, but that's no easier, I just know more words in my mother tongue.
Oh, righhhht, I'm writing this not for my studies, but to my boyfriends, because he can't write a word and he wouldn't even bother, so....Come help me korin, my sweetie pie:  )!
But if I do help, I'd get some nice new lingerie, so it bought me over immediately:  )

What to say about the upcoming plans for today, I should sew pants, don't forget to buy black threads, stick around at the college, go to bank, this and that and all:  >

so I hope ONE DAY I'd do everything I say I'll do but it might not be today. Oh, and I actually forgotten to make pics of my new shoes, so I should do it today

Bye now,


Contemplating the morning, planning the day

It's a photo of me and my three classmates in the fall semester 2011-2012. It's called 'to Andy' referring to Andy Warhol.
Good morning folks,

Tuesday mornings always means something when you live in Lithuania. It means, that a new episode of Gossip Girl shows up:  ) So first thing in the morning is to make a big coffee pot and watch the episode !
Today I was expecting my sister to come visit me, but unfortunately, she got sick and is staying home. Now that sucks a bit, but on the second thought I'll have more time to do some work on my college business which is to make my jacket further more, sew some pants, dresses etc.

Oh, right, I just remembered, yesterday I got my shoes that I've written about here. I might shoot them and put the picture to my blog later today:  >

See ya,


this just in

A really lovely video from my favorite ck:  )

Oh, and, by the way there is metallic in my collection, that goes hand to hand with black, olive green and beige:  )

xo xo,

echoes of the weekend

I found this pic with me and Dominykas at some party two or three years ago
Hey y'all,

have you had a busy weekend ? I had. I was back at my hometown, to be with my boyfriend, visit grandparents, sister, dad and all others I was ought to see:  ) So we had a little partying, some quietness, some great grams food and some work.
But now I'm back on track and have loads to do before the long Easter weekend. Oh, and, just to let you know, me and my friend, Kaste, let our selves step in to some course of eco fashion, collaborating with foreigners from Sweden, Denmark, Turkey(?) and somewhere else. SO, we will be cut off the normal learning at the college, but still have to do college things. So now I'd like to work work work as much as I can, but I think it might be impossible, because tomorrow my baby sister comes to visit me:  )

Oh, right, and the winter is in my yard AGAIN and I hate it so so so much, yuck !

ta ta