a day ahead

black ink ant letraset promarkers. One line ink drawing
hello wonderful morning birds,

how are you today ??

I'm kind of good, will try to try my new shoes from the post here. It's a bit cold outside and also wet, so I hope I don't wreck my newbies on their first day:  ))

By the way, if anyone interested, you can see some projects photos here.

Today we have a really interesting day ! At first , we'll present projects we did yesterday, then we'll have a lecture by lecturer from Turkey, then some kind of a workshop and then (the best part) there is a clay modelling workshop, so I'm really interested in doing that !

After that I'll try to come home and do my college work, as I'm not doing it very quickly as I was planned, but this is only because I feel really tired after these lectures and workshops. Really.

So bye now, I'm headed straight to shower, and then other stuff to do

P.S. Not promising, but might drag in photos of my latest DIY project (well, not xactly latest, but the one I've taken photos)


  1. I like the artwork. Is she wearing a poncho of sorts?

    1. Yeah, she does wear a poncho indeed; )


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