blackbird blackbird

Hello, night birds ! this is one weird-going-nowhere-on-friday-night girl reports you straight from her humble chamber:  )))

How you all doing ? Enjoying your weekend-to-be ?

Well I sure am, although there's only piles of stuff to do in my horizon.

Yesterday was, how to put it, the last day in college, as I won't be attending classes for the next two weeks because of the "Micro sustainable design - eco friendly products" projects we are having, and the schedule is quite busy, not to mention I still have tons of college work. But I'm moving forward:  ) For example today I cut and stitched a dress for my collection, then did a bit pattern work for my practice at the designer house, but mainly fridays are my day when I just put everything aside and watch a movie, do a laundry, or just sit and stare to one spot:  )
So, while my man is having fun with his groupmates somewhere about 300kilometers away, I sit in my room, sneeze, have a runny nose (ain't happy about it) and can't stop myself from making another and another cup of coffee.

Speaking about yesterday, I had an accident - a half of bottle of ink just spilled to my handbag while I was going to school clueless. Until a man came to me at the bus stop and said "Uhm, sorry, something is dripping out of your bag." Then I look to the concrete under me and realize I'm standing in a puddle of ink. Yikes !
Well, but at least I have just taken my cellphone out of the bag:  )
Later on, I was just rethinking the incident and though, how creepy it would have been if I had told the man "Oh, I know, no worries, it's just a calf liver" in an absolutely calm face. I would die to see that from a different persons perspective. But that's just me, a creepy person with a creepy thoughts. But it really would be hilarious, wouldn't it?

That's that,

bye now !

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