Contemplating the morning, planning the day

It's a photo of me and my three classmates in the fall semester 2011-2012. It's called 'to Andy' referring to Andy Warhol.
Good morning folks,

Tuesday mornings always means something when you live in Lithuania. It means, that a new episode of Gossip Girl shows up:  ) So first thing in the morning is to make a big coffee pot and watch the episode !
Today I was expecting my sister to come visit me, but unfortunately, she got sick and is staying home. Now that sucks a bit, but on the second thought I'll have more time to do some work on my college business which is to make my jacket further more, sew some pants, dresses etc.

Oh, right, I just remembered, yesterday I got my shoes that I've written about here. I might shoot them and put the picture to my blog later today:  >

See ya,


  1. Oh, today my morning started the same! Gossip girl, a big cup of coffee (can't wake up without it) + grandma's pancakes (I'm on vacation at grandma's now), so what else do you need for a perfect morning? :)

    1. My thoughts exactly: ) what else ? Umm, I don't know,,, NOTHING ? : )))


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