echoes of the weekend

I found this pic with me and Dominykas at some party two or three years ago
Hey y'all,

have you had a busy weekend ? I had. I was back at my hometown, to be with my boyfriend, visit grandparents, sister, dad and all others I was ought to see:  ) So we had a little partying, some quietness, some great grams food and some work.
But now I'm back on track and have loads to do before the long Easter weekend. Oh, and, just to let you know, me and my friend, Kaste, let our selves step in to some course of eco fashion, collaborating with foreigners from Sweden, Denmark, Turkey(?) and somewhere else. SO, we will be cut off the normal learning at the college, but still have to do college things. So now I'd like to work work work as much as I can, but I think it might be impossible, because tomorrow my baby sister comes to visit me:  )

Oh, right, and the winter is in my yard AGAIN and I hate it so so so much, yuck !

ta ta

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