the end. the start

Hello you all spring people !

Today is a really different day for me, because the project now is over and I'm going to regular college lectures.
For sure, today is different.
Especially the fact, that I had almost nothing done during the two weeks of project (even no time for blogging), or that I'll have to adapt to speak lithuanian again, or that I'll meet my group mates (totally forgotten feeling).

But enough with strange feelings.

The fact is, that this ip (international project) was really fun and unforgettable ! The people, the activities, speaking english in the first place. Everything I remember from it, is a happy memory:  >
Even the fact, that on one of the last evenings I got runny nose, sore throat and a terrible cough. Even this was happy thing:  )

So, yeah,  it's a good thing to take part in all kinds of projects.


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