The first interview ever !

Ladies and Gentlemen ! I welcome you all here tonight to the new face showoff....
Okay, knock it of, korin:  ) let's get to the point.
I'm proudly presenting you the first featured DIYist Ciara B. from a trickle of meaning

Name     Ciara Baron
Age   16
Occupation  Fashion Student
Love   DIY Fashion, charity shops, and my kitties.
Hate    Uggs, Paul's Boutique, peanut butter and spiders!

Hi Ciara, tell a bit about yourself 

I'd like to say I've been obsessed with fashion, costume and DIY all my life, but that couldn't be further from the truth. As a child I was a tom boy with a passionate hate for clothes. I literally had two outfits I lived in. I wanted to be an actress from when I was a little girl, but around my 12th birthday I discovered that all I really liked was dressing up in the lovely costumes. I began shopping in charity shops and DIYing my clothes a little when I was around 14. I liked the individuality of it and the absolute bargains I found! I introduced my mum to charity shops and now she runs a little business from home, buying and selling on things like vintage clothes and wedding hats.
Now I'm just a shy teenage fashion student with a little blog and big dreams.

How did you come up with the idea to DIY? Since when are you doing this?I was first introduced to DIY when I was about 12. A friend showed me this website called Cutoutandkeep, where crafters share their projects in the form of tutorials. My first project was a sock monkey, and since then I've been hooked!

What‘s inspiring you at the moment and at all times? 

I take a lot of inspiration from websites like tumblr and other bloggers. Currently, I'm taking style inspiration from Disney characters like Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Belle. And of course I'm obsessed with pastels and floaty dresses, it is spring afterall!

What are you working on right now ? (if it‘s not a secret) Tell a bit about it

Right now, I'm just working to finish my current college project. It's titled 'Wonderful Waste'. We had to design and produce something inspired by an item in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The catch was that it had to be made from completely recycled materials. I took a horse headdress from the play 'Equus'. I then looked into the emotions and themes the play deals with, and took them as inspiration. My garment is made from melted bin bags, and is very awkward and uncomfortable!My deadline is next week, so I may do a little blog post with some photos when I've finished it.

What‘s going to be your next project ? 

For now I'm trying to focus on my college work. I've also applied to volunteer in a local charity shop, and I'm looking for a part time job for the summer. Of course, I have a few small DIY projects in mind. I'd like to bleach and dye myself a denim shirt pastel colours, inspired by something I saw on theraggedpriest.com. I also want to make myself an asymmetric skirt like I've been seeing all over lookbook, and following my latest college project, I'm experimenting with fusing bin bags to tshirts and dresses.

What are you plans for the future ? I mean, will you do DIY projects and make a living out of it or what ? 
Future is such a scary word. When I finish my college course next year, I think I want to go on to university to study something in the world of costume. My ideal job would be to design for West End productions, or source and alter costumes for television programs like 'Downton Abbey'. I think whatever I do, DIY and blogging will always be a huge part of my life.

Feel free to say anything else if there is something you want to say and wish something to the readers. 
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be featured on your lovely blog Korin!

A big thanks to lovely Ciara, who spent her valuable time answering the questions for my little feature !
Best wishes Ciara, and good luck doing your DIY projects !

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed it and will consider becoming a next person to be featured!


  1. This interview was lovely and intersting to read! Ciara you seem like a really nice girl and i will definitely check out your blog! Abd korin your blog is always great to read and this is a nice idea! I would quite like to be featured too :) i have a fashion photography blog and i take all my own pictures! You can see it here www.thefrillseekers.blogspot.com I hope you like it! :)

  2. Ciara is so adorable. I love her style, what an adorable dress! And I love her more because of our mutual hate of UGGS (I mean.. Ughhhhhhs!)

    - Josie :: http://8bitgrayscale.blogspot.com

  3. Great interview... i love ciara's stuff :)



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