Hello, Wednesday

I feel like a bunch of people right now.

A girl with a book titled "outline of modernism" greets you from her messed up room somewhere in the middle of a blizzard. ha ha.
No, really, The snow is everywhere, it snows and rains at the same time, my room needs tidying bad-ly, AND I'm writing an essay on topic "Contemporary art - result of change of values or laziness?"
As I'm writing the first scientific-like essay in my life, I don't EXACTLY know what to write, so basically I'm just doing a normal essay, but trying to put wise words from the books I took yesterday at the library. It's in my native language, but that's no easier, I just know more words in my mother tongue.
Oh, righhhht, I'm writing this not for my studies, but to my boyfriends, because he can't write a word and he wouldn't even bother, so....Come help me korin, my sweetie pie:  )!
But if I do help, I'd get some nice new lingerie, so it bought me over immediately:  )

What to say about the upcoming plans for today, I should sew pants, don't forget to buy black threads, stick around at the college, go to bank, this and that and all:  >

so I hope ONE DAY I'd do everything I say I'll do but it might not be today. Oh, and I actually forgotten to make pics of my new shoes, so I should do it today

Bye now,


  1. Magnetic pic!


    1. Thank you, I did it accidentally playing with photoshop when editing: )


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