I'm so sleepy today, that even the world looks upwards
Hi everybody !

Did you missed me ? Because I missed you:  )
I just didn't had time to write something yesterday, because I was occupied from nine in the morning till eleven pm, so that's more than twelve hours ! Our sustainable project has started and yesterday was the first day - we've met our guests from Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Portugal and Turkey. Then we had formed a team of five people, in every each all is from different countries. So I teamed up with guys from Sweden and Denmark and girls from Turkey and Latvia. We had to make our logo, think of a slogan and create a name for our team. We chose to be S5, referring to the Sustainable 5:  ))) I'll put photos sometime later, cuz I don't have them now, nor I had camera yesterday. Then we had nice lunch and went to sightseeing tour blah blah:  ))) it was really fun, drive around in a bus, take photos and just relax. After that we went to have dinner to a nice outdoor place 'Belmontas' where there are a lot of nice fields and a picturesque view. As our whole group, consisting of about forty people were eating an folk band played Lithuanian folk music, then we danced bad ass Lithuanian traditional dances, and the best thing was that everyone was involved ! Because, you know, a lot of people thinks 'eeeeeww, folk music is such a shit' and they don't realize, that it came from our past, it's a relic and not some fancy up-to-date-pop-music. So we were glad to dance and have fun, and then go back home and sleep it off:  )

Actually, off I go now, because after thirty minutes we have to pick our guests from a hotel they're staying.
have a nice day y'all !

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