Wednesdays Wednesdays

Mornin' everyone !

As the sun tries to shine my face off, I still get to be a tiny bit grump queen. Want to know why ? WELL, because I had to do business plan yesterday (for my studies), and I didn't completed it. I wrote just a few parts (like, two of five or something) and it took such a huge amount of time that I felt speechless after doing it.
I also have a day to complete scientific essay for my boyfriend which I dearly love and can't just say "no, sweetheart, write it your self" because he's really bad at this.
Oh, righhhhht, AND i shouldn't forget to do drawings for drawing lesson - some stupid flowery things (and I don't even like flowers !) and think about how to draw my collection. And once again, I should sew, make patterns and stuff for my experimental design lesson, that is also tomorrow.
Isn't that just great ? I hope to do everything on time,

so bye now
xo xo,

P.S. Oh, tonight I might just put in the first interview with a DIYist ! Stay tuned.

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