let's start with pop-art

Hi summerland people !

A big-time-work-woman is writing here on my side of the monitor. Yessss, I've got the job at the wine bar and I'm so happy I could pee my pants !
As you may not know, I was on a on-the-spot job interview when I just crashed the wine bar I wanted to work in an they said they'd call me, but they didn't for the whole weekend, so I decided to be the nosy chick, who goes and asks about things, and so I went there today. At the wine bar steps I met the guy who is like a manager for the bar and I asked him how I've showed up and all and he said I was really good at the interview, but the problem was, there were four candidates to one position and they just needed to think and he said he would call me later.
Then about ten minutes later someone called me. I picked up the phone and the manager said "Hi ! Remember we talked like about ten minutes ago ? So I just wanted to say you've got the position and all and we look forward to meeting you soon." "Alright then" I said, "c ya tomorrow" and all.
And at that moment the sun started to shine more brightly and I swear I could hear the voices of heavenly birds singing (yeah, in the middle of a city, in a bus o.O).

So I guess I was better than those other candidates. Well, good for me then:  >

Bye now ! Going to celebrate by writing an essay about ancient baltics jewelery for my boyfriend:  >
ta ta, take care


Meet Veronica

Say Hi ! to Veronica from papodopantano

Name: Veronica de Oliveira
Age: 17
Location: Sao Paulo - Brazil

Occupation : Fashion Design Student
Love: french movies, 60s, the rolling stones and brigadeiro
Hate: doves!!!!

Hi Veronica, tell a bit about yourself (might go with just basic stuff if empty minded at the moment)

I'm totally addicted to music, sometimes I don't really think this is healthy hah. I've always been into art & creation because of my mother and, even though it might sound cliche, I've always wanted to work with fashion. I aspire to be a fashion designer and art history professor. My biggest dream is to travel around Turkey and study Bizantine art history. I'd love going to Vienna, too. I don't like to spend a lot of money on clothes (believe it or not), I'm always shopping on charity shops and department stores when they're on sale. Hm, I'm obsessed with Anna Karina and Audrey Hepburn, I wish I could be as classy as they were. Also, Mick Jagger is my spirit animal.
How did you came up with the idea to study design ? Since when are you doing this ?

I've always been into art because of my mother, she's a huge fan of art history. I've started with this idea of working with design when I was around 9/10 years old, I found out about SPFW and then I just started thinking to myself "one day my clothes will be in that place" haha I had no idea what it was all about, but the idea sounded cool to me. Then when I got older, I decided to study Visual Arts, still, wanting to work on fashion design. Fortunately, my mother insisted for me to study fashion design and I'm loving it. I've started university this year, but I've already study patterns & sewing for one and a half year.

What‘s inspiring you at the moment and at all times ?
I love all this 60s vibe, how the young imposed their wishes and their wants. Actually, all this rock n roll explosion of the 60s and 70s inspires me. Paying attention on street style is another thing that inspires me a lot, I love the experimental mix of prints I've seen lately, people are losing their fear of trying new things when it's about dressing.

What are you working on right now ?
Right now, me and my friends from university are working on a blog about street style, which will have this "experimental mix of prints" as a main idea. It's called "Mendigo Chic Life Style", hope you hear about it soon :)

What‘s going to be your next project ?
An website, where me & my friends will sell clothes designed and made by ourselves, but it's something to be discussed next semester.

What are you plans for the future ? I mean, will you do what you are doing right now and make a living out of it or what ?
I'm sure I want to be a fashion designer, not like being famous and all that stuff, just working in a really nice brand and making this my job, and I want to teach about art history and fashion history in universities so much. Hopefully, I'll start my master's degree course as soon as I finish my bachelor's degree.

Feel free to say anything else if there is something you would say and wish something to the readers.
Thanks very much for the opportunity of showing a bit about myself on your blog :) Hope you guys enjoy it.
A big thanks for lovely Veronica, I do wish her the best on creating a nice brand !
As for the others, feel free to send me your blog and e-mail address if you'd like to get featured

C ya,



Ill cut your head and hang it to my bed

Hi, my precious little darlings !

How's your summer goin' ?
I am fine, it's not summer yet, and I keep forgetting this blog. again. This is due to the good weather, laziness and amount of work I still need to do. Like, pass a business management exam (booooring).
But don't be scared, I wasn't just picking my nose when I was away, I got few nice thingies to my collection, like this superb wig thing that looks like a real hair and those glasses that I love.

Oh, yes, and I actually cut my hair really short, but I don't have photos yet. (Not to mention I already have wig photos from today).

Oh yes, and today I went looking for a job to a win bar and it went pretty smoothly, so keep you fingers crossed folks, and hope I get that job:  >

So bye now, running off to buzz my head with more fun stuff to do (learn for fashion history exam :  | )


resorting woman calling

Hi my precious little darlings,

Have you started your summer yet ?
Well I almost did. What I still need to do is to finish up with coreldraw technical drawings, and other blah blahs and then I'm done for summer.
Some next day I'm planning to go to some wine bars to look for a summer job and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I am successful.
Oh, and one tiny thing - my collection. If anyone is interested, that is. Look up (again)

xo xo


one of the scarest

Hi guys (and girls)!

TODAY  is the auditions day, ant tomorrow we are having thew show. and you all know what ? I STILL NEED A MODEL as it turned out one of the girls bailed on me. Paranoid ? A bit.

At least I'm glad that I've done everything, I just need to iron the clothes. But of course I can't sleep normally, SOMEHOW I  managed to wake up at 6 a.m. on my own and since then a thought is rolling through my head - how-do-I-get-a-model howdoIgetamodel howdoIgetamodel and so on and so on and that really sucks.
It's a bit as if my brain is starting to melt. But, well, I sure hope karma didn't turned me its back and I still make something out today.

Bye now, running to be paranoid some more.


Hi early saturday


How are you ? I bet you are all still sleeping.
Well, in any case, I'm not. I woke up about half an hour ago and am planning my day already. My TO-DO-LIST is quite short rigth now, but - HAHA - it's weekend, so I can't go somewhere and print things I need to print. So I'll just have to sit paranoid and hope I'm making everything on time.
And as everything that can be done by hand is done, I might start sleeping with my laptop.

Yesterday I took photos of my collection. I had to be the model as I couldn't manage to find someone else in time. And of course, we had so little time that we were shooting it head over heels. We did quite few great pictures, but I'm not happy, because now I have limited amount of pics that I can put to my final project. But that's that.
Other thing is - I still need one model to walk on runway during the audition day. Hope I can find one until tomorrow, because I'd like to see them before the show.

So that's it from me for now. Gotta run,

xo xo


j' brothers

Hi everybody !

Today is a happy day for me, because at last I've bought an overlock !!

Now I have two janome brothers - sewing machine and an overlocker:  ) I'm so happy I could pee my pants :  >>>

Besides, If I'm really lucky I might finish the final stitches of my collection and get a permission to go to college after hours to photoshoot it ! It would be so so so great, so I'm working on it.

Have a wonderful day y'all !


terrifying morning experience

Hi wondeful people !

Today I woke up about half past seven a.m. and a thought just striked me. That.I.Have.Only.One.Week.Left.

yep, only one week until the final auditions and I still have tons and tons of work to do. Not good. But then, trying not to panic, I got up and started doing it. And doing some work all day I didn't even thought that I should do something purposely. This is my children, the thing I've been waiting to happen for weeks - self conscious work. I bet I did more in one day that I've done in whole last week. If I keep up the pace I'm gonna do it.

But now, as I'm really tired, I'm gonna go to bed.



The planning

collective beetrootsoup'11
Hi everyone !

You all still remember this post where I was planning on buying an overlock and doing a surprise to my boyfriend ? Well I sure as hell remember:  )

The thing is, none of my plans actually worked out !Want to know why ?
I suggest you continue reading then.

The plan No.1 : Buy an overlock
 Go to a store, that sells sewing machines. Give them money. Take the overlock. Go home and celebrate.
The failure No.1 : Not today, sister
Go to a store, that sells sewing machines. Find out that they don't actually have the model in the warehouse. Order it. Go home furious as a hog.

The plan No.2 : Hop to a train and do a surprise to Dominic, my boyfriend
To call in the morning and innocently ask about day. Wait impatiently till the time to go to train station comes. Arrive. Go to a store grab a bottle of wine and snacks. Ding Dong at his door. Try to get him off the floor while he's in shock and amazement. Have a nice evening.

The failure No.2 : Surprise for a surprise, babes
Get an innocent call in the morning asking what my plans were. Find out that he made me a surprise and arrived to the city I live in. Cry a bit out of shock and amazement. Go to see him. Take the keys of the flat that he lives in in the town he lives in. Go with a train (alone, because he has business he HAS to attend to until the late evening). Grab a bottle of wine and snacks. Go to his place. Unlock the door. Make a cup of coffee. Pour in bad milk. Swear a lot. Go get a shower and lay down in bed. Fall asleep. Hear the doorbell ring. Open the door to let him in. Feel absolutely tired and fell asleep (together).

Isn't that just peachy ?:  )

But in this weekends defense I can say that it was just GREAT !
Also I made an earcuff out of silver (made it myself with a little helping hand from Dominic) that I will shoot one nice day and show it to you.

Bye now !


Thursday is almost Friday

we are the boogiemen !

Hi beauties !

As days are going more and more crazy with the weather and all, it's SO hard to concentrate on work. Although I kind of DID a bit of technical drawings in 'corel'. Not much, of course:  )

Oh, yeah, I also have a mighty huge announcement - tomorrow is THE DAY. The day when I'm planning on going to a shop and buying an overlock sewing machine. Isn't that just great ! I'm so thrilled to meet my new baby:  )

Oh, and tomorrow another big thing is gonna happen - I'm making a surprise to my boyfriend. I've planned to hop on train, go to the city he lives right now, and appear on his doorstep with a wine bottle and a hug. Because, recently things weren't going so perfectly, we had quite few fights over some idiotic things, so I want to make it up for him. But just shhh ! He shouldn't have to know this until it's time:  )

As the night is hitting on and I still plan to do some technical drawings, better say goodbye to you and stay tuned.


remain insane

Some random drawing of some random crazy girl
Hi people !


Actually, I'm sitting in front of my laptop screen for about ten minutes, wondering what to write. Now that's a first. But things like that happens.


Today I roamed around the city with a bicycle my roomie brought to me, feeling like this enormously huge space ship. That was because I'm a bit too small for a bicycle like this, but still it was nice to ride again after a year. My laptop charger suddenly died (well, actually, it started to beep like a little bird) and I had to get another one. So yeah, I searched all the internet for the charger and then went to get it. With bike. And laptop on my back. NOT-A-GOOD-IDEA. Seriously. Oh, and just don't forget I had to go always to the hillside, so there were no rest for me and my legs. But at least now I can honourably swear, that I'll never ever sit on a bike with a laptop. That's it.

G'night everyone