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Hi everyone !

You all still remember this post where I was planning on buying an overlock and doing a surprise to my boyfriend ? Well I sure as hell remember:  )

The thing is, none of my plans actually worked out !Want to know why ?
I suggest you continue reading then.

The plan No.1 : Buy an overlock
 Go to a store, that sells sewing machines. Give them money. Take the overlock. Go home and celebrate.
The failure No.1 : Not today, sister
Go to a store, that sells sewing machines. Find out that they don't actually have the model in the warehouse. Order it. Go home furious as a hog.

The plan No.2 : Hop to a train and do a surprise to Dominic, my boyfriend
To call in the morning and innocently ask about day. Wait impatiently till the time to go to train station comes. Arrive. Go to a store grab a bottle of wine and snacks. Ding Dong at his door. Try to get him off the floor while he's in shock and amazement. Have a nice evening.

The failure No.2 : Surprise for a surprise, babes
Get an innocent call in the morning asking what my plans were. Find out that he made me a surprise and arrived to the city I live in. Cry a bit out of shock and amazement. Go to see him. Take the keys of the flat that he lives in in the town he lives in. Go with a train (alone, because he has business he HAS to attend to until the late evening). Grab a bottle of wine and snacks. Go to his place. Unlock the door. Make a cup of coffee. Pour in bad milk. Swear a lot. Go get a shower and lay down in bed. Fall asleep. Hear the doorbell ring. Open the door to let him in. Feel absolutely tired and fell asleep (together).

Isn't that just peachy ?:  )

But in this weekends defense I can say that it was just GREAT !
Also I made an earcuff out of silver (made it myself with a little helping hand from Dominic) that I will shoot one nice day and show it to you.

Bye now !

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