Ill cut your head and hang it to my bed

Hi, my precious little darlings !

How's your summer goin' ?
I am fine, it's not summer yet, and I keep forgetting this blog. again. This is due to the good weather, laziness and amount of work I still need to do. Like, pass a business management exam (booooring).
But don't be scared, I wasn't just picking my nose when I was away, I got few nice thingies to my collection, like this superb wig thing that looks like a real hair and those glasses that I love.

Oh, yes, and I actually cut my hair really short, but I don't have photos yet. (Not to mention I already have wig photos from today).

Oh yes, and today I went looking for a job to a win bar and it went pretty smoothly, so keep you fingers crossed folks, and hope I get that job:  >

So bye now, running off to buzz my head with more fun stuff to do (learn for fashion history exam :  | )

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