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Say Hi ! to Veronica from papodopantano

Name: Veronica de Oliveira
Age: 17
Location: Sao Paulo - Brazil

Occupation : Fashion Design Student
Love: french movies, 60s, the rolling stones and brigadeiro
Hate: doves!!!!

Hi Veronica, tell a bit about yourself (might go with just basic stuff if empty minded at the moment)

I'm totally addicted to music, sometimes I don't really think this is healthy hah. I've always been into art & creation because of my mother and, even though it might sound cliche, I've always wanted to work with fashion. I aspire to be a fashion designer and art history professor. My biggest dream is to travel around Turkey and study Bizantine art history. I'd love going to Vienna, too. I don't like to spend a lot of money on clothes (believe it or not), I'm always shopping on charity shops and department stores when they're on sale. Hm, I'm obsessed with Anna Karina and Audrey Hepburn, I wish I could be as classy as they were. Also, Mick Jagger is my spirit animal.
How did you came up with the idea to study design ? Since when are you doing this ?

I've always been into art because of my mother, she's a huge fan of art history. I've started with this idea of working with design when I was around 9/10 years old, I found out about SPFW and then I just started thinking to myself "one day my clothes will be in that place" haha I had no idea what it was all about, but the idea sounded cool to me. Then when I got older, I decided to study Visual Arts, still, wanting to work on fashion design. Fortunately, my mother insisted for me to study fashion design and I'm loving it. I've started university this year, but I've already study patterns & sewing for one and a half year.

What‘s inspiring you at the moment and at all times ?
I love all this 60s vibe, how the young imposed their wishes and their wants. Actually, all this rock n roll explosion of the 60s and 70s inspires me. Paying attention on street style is another thing that inspires me a lot, I love the experimental mix of prints I've seen lately, people are losing their fear of trying new things when it's about dressing.

What are you working on right now ?
Right now, me and my friends from university are working on a blog about street style, which will have this "experimental mix of prints" as a main idea. It's called "Mendigo Chic Life Style", hope you hear about it soon :)

What‘s going to be your next project ?
An website, where me & my friends will sell clothes designed and made by ourselves, but it's something to be discussed next semester.

What are you plans for the future ? I mean, will you do what you are doing right now and make a living out of it or what ?
I'm sure I want to be a fashion designer, not like being famous and all that stuff, just working in a really nice brand and making this my job, and I want to teach about art history and fashion history in universities so much. Hopefully, I'll start my master's degree course as soon as I finish my bachelor's degree.

Feel free to say anything else if there is something you would say and wish something to the readers.
Thanks very much for the opportunity of showing a bit about myself on your blog :) Hope you guys enjoy it.
A big thanks for lovely Veronica, I do wish her the best on creating a nice brand !
As for the others, feel free to send me your blog and e-mail address if you'd like to get featured

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