one of the scarest

Hi guys (and girls)!

TODAY  is the auditions day, ant tomorrow we are having thew show. and you all know what ? I STILL NEED A MODEL as it turned out one of the girls bailed on me. Paranoid ? A bit.

At least I'm glad that I've done everything, I just need to iron the clothes. But of course I can't sleep normally, SOMEHOW I  managed to wake up at 6 a.m. on my own and since then a thought is rolling through my head - how-do-I-get-a-model howdoIgetamodel howdoIgetamodel and so on and so on and that really sucks.
It's a bit as if my brain is starting to melt. But, well, I sure hope karma didn't turned me its back and I still make something out today.

Bye now, running to be paranoid some more.


  1. Hope you've found somebody! Unfortunately, I can't just pop over 'cause I'm from Switzerland ;-)
    Very interesting blog!

    Mary Jane

    1. Yeah, I found something about half an hour ago after I wrote this: >

      thanks, appreciate that: )


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