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Some random drawing of some random crazy girl
Hi people !


Actually, I'm sitting in front of my laptop screen for about ten minutes, wondering what to write. Now that's a first. But things like that happens.


Today I roamed around the city with a bicycle my roomie brought to me, feeling like this enormously huge space ship. That was because I'm a bit too small for a bicycle like this, but still it was nice to ride again after a year. My laptop charger suddenly died (well, actually, it started to beep like a little bird) and I had to get another one. So yeah, I searched all the internet for the charger and then went to get it. With bike. And laptop on my back. NOT-A-GOOD-IDEA. Seriously. Oh, and just don't forget I had to go always to the hillside, so there were no rest for me and my legs. But at least now I can honourably swear, that I'll never ever sit on a bike with a laptop. That's it.

G'night everyone

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