Thursday is almost Friday

we are the boogiemen !

Hi beauties !

As days are going more and more crazy with the weather and all, it's SO hard to concentrate on work. Although I kind of DID a bit of technical drawings in 'corel'. Not much, of course:  )

Oh, yeah, I also have a mighty huge announcement - tomorrow is THE DAY. The day when I'm planning on going to a shop and buying an overlock sewing machine. Isn't that just great ! I'm so thrilled to meet my new baby:  )

Oh, and tomorrow another big thing is gonna happen - I'm making a surprise to my boyfriend. I've planned to hop on train, go to the city he lives right now, and appear on his doorstep with a wine bottle and a hug. Because, recently things weren't going so perfectly, we had quite few fights over some idiotic things, so I want to make it up for him. But just shhh ! He shouldn't have to know this until it's time:  )

As the night is hitting on and I still plan to do some technical drawings, better say goodbye to you and stay tuned.

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