it's dummy time

Hi y'all summer people !

I just can't believe it's happening in real life, that it's summer already, I'm working as a workwoman (a waitress, actually), everything goes smoothly and,,, ta da daaaa,,, I've bough a dummy today that looks pretty much bad ass, with the muscles and the nipples and even the belly button ! though you couldn't see it in photo.

Tomorrow I'm going to my home town to visit grandmas and grandpas, my doctor, to sit in my favourite restaurant, grab a coffee and just chill.

So yeah, life's kinda awesome.

xo xo,



Hi hi hi my dearest !

I'm TOTALLY out of my mind to not to write a word to my blog.
guilty a charged.
But the KINDA thing is, that I'm already working, working pretty much ( for about average thirteen hours a day) this week and I feel kind of dizzy when I come back home to do something else than brush my teeth and fall to bed.

So the work has been fine so far, I'm still at this learning point, but I'm doing good. There's not so much dishes in this wine bar, lot's of wine (DUH) so, pretty much to remember. But I'm managing !
there was only one time when I had to come back to the customer and ask again if they wanted salad with chicken or chicken stews.
Probably the best thing at work is the staff, because they are so funny, that I don't feel tired at all, although I'm standing on my feet for at least ten hours or more:  )

So long things short - I like my job and pretty much at this time, I'm heading to prepare for it.

xo xo,

P.S. stay tuned because I'm planning on one nice DIY thingy