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Hi everyone !

It's about FOREVER since I last blogged. And I have a lame ass excuse for that - I'm a working woman. But the actual thing is, that I'd have nothing else to post about except for work. And that's kind of sad.

And yeah, work's been good, not too hard, not too easy also. But now I'm working for a whole month and the sad thing is that I haven't been sewing, I haven't been modelling or draping whatsoever.
So that's sucks, but hey, it's not like I'm sitting on the couch reading VOGUE all day, is it?  :  ))

Today is my day off and I'm meeting a new friend, well go photoshoot stuff. Actually, I'm going and he's coming with me to 'learn' from me, because he thinks it's a good thing to see how others do it and learn new techniques, points of view and all. Oh yeah, he's more of a filmmaker, so that's his excuse:  )

and one more nice thing is that today I have helped a guy, a french guy, to go to the highway he was ment to (at least I've put him in to the right bus), so I may have gotten a new relation. He's hitchhiking to Riga, Latvia, then to Russia, then to Kazakhstan and Mongolia and right up till the China (as I understood), so I really look forward to hear from him someday, how did he managed to go through all the rough countries:  )

So, that's it for today, and maybe a week more:  >

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