school year - part three

Hey you all my fellows !

how did these new schoolyear started ?
Mine was great, because I've been with those people that I like to be PLUS I've met the girl on my left(in the picture) that was on Erasmus studying and then practice program in Sweden and Denmark.So we and my other best-ie was all together at one of our place drinking mimosas and talking our voices off and just chilling.
But today was so so so hard because we already had loads of new information and plans and all I though I'd be crazy person in just one day. Besides, our school received a Portugal girl which is on Erasmus program, and, of course, me and my friend are mentors to this girl. So, the main point is, we drove to the airport to pick her up, waited there about two hours and then we found out that the flight was cancelled or whatever, so grumpy as we were, we went back home to do some homework and stuff.

so, that's that
bye now

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