This is how I look...
...and this is how I pretty much feel
Hi everybody !

Did you missed me ?

Well anyway, I don't just feel like blogging lately. And by lately I mean since the summer started. The fact is, I don't feel myself anymore and that just drives me crazy. CRAZY.
And, of course, in addition to that there are also those days when I feel extra bad and extra mad. Like yesterday I felt like the saddest, most invisible girl in a world. So I just dragged out black jeans, black basic blouse and some black ankle high sneaker out of my wardrobe. Oh, and also, I've broken my phone last night. Like my friend said : "You mean, the phone isn't working after you've thrown it to a wall ?" Well, and I had no other option just to say "yep, just like that".
And so today I'm even more dusty. I woke up without a ringer, like three hours ago and I still can't win over myself to get to a shower or whatever else. I just drink coffee and water and then coffee again, oh, and listen to weekend wolves soundcloud wearing some old what-ever-looking clothing.
But, well, to my defence I could say, that madness makes me do homework or other stuff, because right now I was making a pattern for tiny girl's baptism dress.

Oh, great, watching at the time suddenly I remembered I need to pick up my friend who is coming to visit me here in Vilnius.
So I bet I get my ass running if I want to get to a station in time.

Bye guys, and I promise this is not the last you've heard from me !

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