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Oh hi everybody !

So last night I was fixing patterns for Elizabeth's baptism dress according to those arrows and not-so-clear-any-more writings of mine on the first sample: )

So I fixed what I needed and then remembered I've made a sleeve that looks like that:
(Isn't it's the smallest and sweetest sleeve you've aver seen ? Awww:  ) )

So, as previously talked with a teacher about the subject, I've decided to make a pattern for a kimono sleeve, because it would be much easier to GET THE BABY INTO THE DRESS. So basically I've just drawn the trapeze form and that's that.

Oh, meanwhile taking photos of all these steps I also captured Mr. Moustache Pencil and Mr. Some Sort of Jack Daniel's Birthday Advertisement that my friend had stolen from a Liquor Store just chilling out there on a sunny Korin bedding beach:

 So, the job was done and I'm really proud of showing you the patterns (At least THE BEST I could do with a 50mm lens, which drives me crazy). Sure, there's still few parts missing for a little hood, because basically what I'm doing here is an underneath dress from double ivory/bubble gum pink chiffon  and an ivory asymmetrical coat with a hood. Oh, and also a "baptism cloth" that will be only a square cloth.

the left sleeve is the first sleeve, not the one I'm doing now which is on the right

Ah, yes, and another DIY thing is my old cellphone screen (well, all cell to be exact) that I've crushed and it painted itself in these nice colors.

 Bye bye now !

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