Hi'ya boys and girls !

are you already polishing your dancing shoes for Halloween ?
Cuz I am. For real. There's this big ball that would be held at my home town and the theme is vampires. So no, I'm not going to look as a vampire Edie Sedgwick, the photo is just something I'd like to share with you: )
Let my bloodsucker clothing remain a secret until after Halloween: )

I can also proudly say now that I started to really work on my college projects and that's just great - I'm making a concept for second and third collections for my final bachelor collection and so on and so on. Photos are not included because, well, I suck not having a camera, but I am buying one next week perhaps ! So that's a good thing too.

One more thing I kind of feel strange about but still want to share is the fact that ever since I can remember I'm so into gas masks. I just strangely adore them but only those old ones. So my wallpaper now looks like this

So that's that

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