the craze of the crazy

Hi'ya guys !

So there I am, painting my nails black for tomorrow.
What's tomorrow you may ask ? Oh, nothing too special JUST A SHOOT OF MY MOST RECENT MODEL:  )(in a three-sec sketch at the top)
I've finished that model like twenty minutes ago, and started doing it Monday not to mention loads of work I was doing in between. Cuz, yea, like, this week is crazy -est- in my entire fifth semester so far. The amount of work is huge because of my procrastination(recently learned word).
but well, here I am, still typing: ) although I haven't had much sleep last night - I was sewing and then cutting and then drawing and then sewing some more and there I was, at three a.m. thinking "ohhh, let's get some sleep now" BUT THEN, I've realized I still had to study for my advertisement psychology. So I've read the 736 pages of a psychology book (not everything, of course, just the summaries) in about an hour or so and then I've finally got some sleep. For like four hours !

But that's the price you pay for postponing really important works.

So this is kind of a little sneak peek. Pics of the shoot will be some days later
Ciao !

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