the new-new-news

Oh, hiya everyone !

How was your day ?
I sure hope it was at least half as nice as mine ! Because it was warm and sunny outside and the lessons were sweet (experimental design, to which I was prepared, surprisingly, and make up basics) and the best-est thing was this : my dad bought me a new laptop ! How cool is that ??!
I say - very cool: ) I'm so happy I could pee my pants if I just wanted to pee !

So my dad's officially the greatest now in addition to other titles he has: )

But just the one sad thing is, he's going away to Afghanistan. I've never told you this, but my dad's a soldier, a sergeant to be accurate, and he goes on these peace missions. This is his third and last mission, as he's is almost too old for army (though he's just 41). I feel a little bit sad not to see him the next six months. Okay okay, I admit - thinking about this now even makes my eyes wet.
So that's about my good "old" dad.

(five minutes after)
Yeah, and I guess this might be it for today
night !

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