Todays inspiration: white sweater

Hi everyone !

Today I'm pretty ill (though not as much as previous days), and the best (ahh, that sweet sarcasm) thing is, today I'm going to meet my little customer, Elizabeth (pretty sure I've said few words about her in here ) to do the fitting. I might put some pics of the dress later on.
So today I woke up and though that it was a nice day to put on my white MEXX sweater that I've purchased in a second hand store yesterday. I mean, it's like in size of L, and it's pretty much two to three sizes bigger than I am, but still it's cozy and really nice. So mainly it inspires my whole outfit - comfy, warm a bit sporty but not too much - just the right thing when you are ill and want to be less miserable.

Uh oh, gotta run now, because my little Elizabeth is waiting


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