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this one's called 'fashion agony' as one of my specialty drawing tasks

A thought just came across my mind today as I was doing stuff. Why do I blog ? Why should I blog when I have a few really great friends with who I feel good and talk senses and nonsenses ?
I think it's because just the way it's easier to give a speech to an auditory the same thing goes on blogging - you don't know the people you're writing to, you don't know if they like you or hate you or why they even bother to read your silly writings. And mostly you don't give a crap. But if you asked my friends 'does she blog' they wouldn't even know it. So this is sorta my secret !

Another thing about blogging is - should I write it as a text or should I try to interact with people like asking their opinions on one thing or another in order to keep the most human contact I could on the internet. That's the question I bother my head with really heavily so I guess I'll try do both, so I wouldn't turn to a stranger to my friends but have new unknown friends.

So, the first step, show up if you care enough to comment and spill the beans on why and how do you blog ?

Answers can be either english/lithuanian


  1. I am a new follower of your blog :)

  2. I blog because I like to write and share things to people. Do not be bothered so much of how people will perceive your blog. I used to think about it a lot too and I lost myself in the process. In my opinion, passion for blogging should always precede other people's opinion. :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

  3. Tagginu!


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