secondhand euphoria

Hi !

This time I'll bother you with secondhand stuff I've purchased while tripping in various secondhand shops with a friend : )
So what I've got
*black velour purse in the left corner
*black faux-fur-whatever jacket (though I'm thinking to make a vest out of it)
*light-brown-grey - ish Clarks purse
*'I ---- you' optional )hate)like)love)want)miss)need sweater (niiiiceeee)
*blue jeans (extra nice according to the fact that I've wanted dark blue jeans for a long time)
* brand new brown leather Clarks handmade et cetera et cetera booties that are just wonderful except for the fact that I won't be able walk in these babys until late spring when it's dry and warm outside : )
*blue-white-striped TOMS-wanabes sneakers. I might use them as home shoes-slippers-whatever.

Oh, and about the banshee (the freaky haired lady) image. Originally I've stolen it from google. But only because I sometimes relate her looks and my state of mind. Cause I often feel like I'm some sort of crazy histeric slacker.

Next time I'm coming back with a few sketches. And this time I promise that, because as taking a glimpse to older posts I see a tendency not to post what I've said I'll post


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