sorta DIY day

Hi mister Winter

Hi !

Today is freezing outside so I've decided to sew a beenie hat first thing in the morning. There's no tutorial because I basically just took a scrape of jersey, made the seams on the forehead (as I did for my last years' collection) and then sewn the piece together in the U shape. I made the U seam on both sides so the hat wouldn't look like one of those Ancient Rome warriors helmet. And as I take my flatmate's camera every now and then I pictured it with a trick: (that I love)

Ginger Snowwhite is really...

...a brunette Snowwhite with a swan neck...

...and a new cozy hat.

And yesterday I bought a nice knitted jersey. I didn't knew at that moment what I'll need it for, but in the evening I thought of a winter dress, so TA-DAAA:

I've drawn it so I won't forget what I really wanted, and make it exactly that way. Oh, and I just had to hang it on my wall to see it everytime I sit by the desk and sew the dress quicker.

Oh, yeah, I was shopping for fabrick today, too, but I'm just too lazy to shoot it right now and spill the beans on my plans for those fabrics, so maybe some other time.

Bye now
xoxo korinbalerin


  1. like ur hairdo!
    let's follow each other?


    1. Thanks, though the wig was not my actual hair. still I love it: )
      and I don't see why we couldn't follow each other !

  2. the drawing looks amazing! love it

    love your blog!

    sophie-lm.blogspot.co.uk xxx


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