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A little teaser of one of my collections shoot

Hi everyone !!

I haven't written in ages ! And I even didn't miss writing !
But now I can share things with you again, because there's a lot of stuff going.

So first things first - I've finally passed my auditions (exams etc. ) and I can start the last semester at college with a clean slate (sounds kind of spooky) !
As I was horrendously ill for like a lightyear, I had the opportunity to delay some of my auditions, so I chose this option instead of dying of loads of work in one week. So the day of the final audition came (last saturday) and I showed my works to the lecturers and that was it : ) I've got a 9 from sewing and construction technologies that I'm really proud of, because it's my favorite and a 7 from both of my collections. I'm not happy with it and I'm going to confront the teacher when I see her, because she herself said " oh, I like your projects and collections, they're really great, just one of the photoshoots didn't turned out so well. " So why seven if everything was good ? Well, but I'll just leave it there and not question it for a while.

Then, the same Saturday my wonderful friend Kaste threw a party at her place and it was really good ! What I liked the most that the party didn't go out of control and everyone there seemed happy and relaxed. We also went out to some clubs, danced a little bit and came home. I stayed at Kastes house and the following morning (and day) we just chilled, slept some more, made some nice meal, watched some TV, ate gummy bears and then I got back home.

So since then, I did basically nothing, just vacuuming my flat, doing the dishes, washing clothes etc, barely going outside because it's so cold I could eat my own feet as an Ice Cream after I get back from 'that outside place'.

Oh, and one thing that I'm really excited about but don't know how it'll turn out is - I might write articles to this lovely webpage for women. I just accidentally was in the right place at the right time when I've met a woman, who is one of the members of the crew to this webpage and we had a nice chat and then she just suddenly asked me if I wanted to write something. My thought the was 'OM#@%$, OF COURSE I'D LIKE AN OPPORTUNITY LIKE THAT'  So I just said 'Oh, it would be nice to try'  so I'm meeting her some time this week and I look forward to it.

I guess that's it for this time, I'll come back with another post of 'scraps of my collection' and 'WHAT I'VE BOUGHT' (ahhhh, the sweet narcisism ) later this week (I'm still really lazy to use my camera)

xoxo korin


  1. great post, love your writing style :)

  2. Thank you: )
    Though sometimes I feel out of my league when I talk and write and it sounds like nonsenses with the grammar, so I correct it, read it and then correct it some more.
    I guess I'm just a bit dizzy right now

  3. Great post, I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)



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