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So apparently it's this time of the month/year/forever to make a feature and this time it's on the lovely blogger Alexandra from theshoependant : )

Name: Alexandra Lazar
Age: 19
Location: Romania
Blog: http://theshoependant.com
Occupation: aspiring PR-ist and fashion blogger
Love: Myself
Hate: Myself

Hi, Alexandra , tell a bit about yourself
Well, first of all, I should start by saying „Hello!“ to everyone that‘s reading and I hope
you had a great start this year. About me, there‘s a lot to say, but I guess I might as well high
light the most important ones. I‘m an Aquarius that‘s in love with fashion and all of its means
of expression. I am preparing to go to college which will hopefully be in England to study
Journalism and PR. Besides that, I dream of creating my own line of handmade jewelry :)

How did you came up with the idea to do what you do ? Since when are you doing this ?
My passion for art dates back when I was a child: a stubborn, overly-talkative one who
adored painting, dancing and eventually catwalk shows. Nevertheless, those days are now
back in the past, but my passion hasn‘t lost any of its original heat. I still adore fashion and
want to pursue a career in it, both in creation and in brand promotion. The blog just came

What‘s inspiring you at the moment and at all times ?
My biggest inspiration is, as egoist as it might sound, my own ambition. Besides that, my
usual online surfing is the key inspiration.

What are you working on right now ? (if it‘s not a secret) Tell a bit about it
Right now I am working on setting my blog on the right path. I‘ve had some personal issues
in the past and wasn‘t able to handle it how it would have deserved, so I‘m simply putting all
of my efforts into growing it. I am keeping clear of any collaborations or distractions until I
create its rightful image.

What‘s going to be your next project ?
Blog related? I am thinking of maybe starting with some videos. I adore editing and I
believe it would spruce up the whole idea of fashion, adding movement to it!

What are you plans for the future ? I mean, will you do what you are doing right now and
make a living out of it or what ?

One never knows what the future brings. As much as I adore writing on the blog, updating it,
creating relationships, I cannot see myself doing it full-time. I want to specialize myself, like I
said before, in PR, therefore entering a rather grown-up world.

Feel free to say anything else if there is something you would say and wish something to the

What I would like to add is something I‘ve learned recently. You might touch your dreams over
night, but you might never. Unless you work for it, one step at a time, until you can embrace the true
taste of success.
I’ve learned this through my own experience. Taking baby steps is the best way of reaching your goals, even if it can become exhausting sometimes.

I thank Alexandra for such nice answers and I'm definitely putting the last answer or hers into consideration.
And you all! If you'd like to be featured on my modest blog, please feel free to let me know down in the comments or email me !

And now off I go to write a new post, this time about myself (muhahahaha)

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