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industrial company inspired collection for BMW  'modern city beast' make-up

Hi internet !

 So there's another week passed, one more has started. I'm still on holidays, staying at my grams house, though tomorrow I'm going back to Vilnius, to check up on my place and meet people and just pick up where I left.

Basically wanted to say nothing important, more just to share my projects of collections from which I've got that damned 7 (still can't get over that).

1. own interpretation of layers 'snakes' skin'

photo project

2. industrial company inspired collection for BMW 'modern city beast'

So, the teacher said that my BMW collection was weaker, too similar to the 'layers', but I like that one so much because of the cleanness and strict lines and minimalistic feeling to it. But, on the other hand, I feel myself that I could develop a stronger conception of 'layers', which is a must in order to make my bachelor collection as good as it could possibly be. 
See, nothing's too fancy here, just an usual problem to solve - shall I make one or the other collection that will define the looks of my fashion design diploma : D


  1. such lovely and inspiring pieces : )



  2. nice blog dear!
    wanna visit my blog? and maybe we could follow each other! let me know

  3. thank youuu : )


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