oh sun come on

Hi everyone !

So apparently I'm watching too much of youtube videos and browse too much instead of working and so there I was, just sitting around and suddenly I though 'Oh, why don't I spend another hour looking for a gif program on the net to make a gif with all my sunglasses instead of WORKING'

and so I did
WISE CHOICE. (slow clap)

Even my wallpaper says

I actually wish I was looking at the desktop more than exploring the depths of youtube
(I guess this is the first time the label 'everyday life' is truly accurate for my usual day).
I even considered to ask my flatmate to disable my computer from the internet access the other day


What should I do to start making things instead of stuff - nice things, like dresses and drawings and boring technical drawings that are essential if I want to get a grade bigger than F-------  (I mean 1)
Any advices you guys ?



  1. this is great! i did a .gif project for my photography class at uni, i might share it as well. thanks for an idea!


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