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Hi guys ! (and gals)

So this is me writing a second post in less than an hour (wow, now that's an improvement !)
So today was the last day in college before the final auditions and I was there 9am to 5pm and that was just exhausting, not to mention I had to go up the stairs to the 4th floor with my mutated lungs quite a few times. But that wasn't the most exhausting thing - I had actually talk to people, think about things and plan my life ahead as always in the college. It was quite fun though because I've seen my alter-ego, Kaste, which I hadn't seen for AGES. I also had to show my work that I DID(n't do) to the teachers and I was literally shaking while taking a bus to school in the morning (BAAAAH)

But apparently everything went kind of normally, not to mention that I was almost allowed to delay some of my auditions because I was ill for a thousand year (I probably should write on my hand a reminder that I also have to get the head of the fashion department approval to delay the auditions).

Oh, and Friday I've got a nice haircut so my hair is normal again and do you like my scull blouse ? Because I do, very much. The only thing I PROBABLY don't like is to use my 'new' camera to make good quality pictures. It's a funny story though, that one related to how I actually got the camera - my friend Santa (not THAT Santa) came to make me a surprise for Xmas all the way from Netherlands and then she was told that I was in the hospital. So on Christmas day she went to this huge party and then, drunk, OBVIOUSLY :  )gave the camera up to someone. The camera somehow turned out to be at one of our friends place at the end and Santa just said, oh you should take it, and just use it before I come to Lithuania again : ) So now I have a Canon d500 camera without a charger and I'm looking to buy one soon.

Oh, also (not related) few days ago I somehow managed to create a vyou account while looking video answers to questions so if you by any chance wanted to ask me something or just to hear my 'lovely' crushed-to-pieces-robot-voice feel free to ask (you can even do that anonymously) here
(just don't be freaked out of the profile video - I'm not actually sitting in front of my laptop all day long)

Bye now, I'll try to stop procrastinate and do more work

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