WHAT I'VE BOUGHT + announcement

Hi oh hi everyone !

So in this one as promised I'll show what I've bought most recently (not that you should be interested in it, I guess it's just my narcissistic look at myself) AND this picture thread will be followed by quite important announcement (or a preview of it)
So here we go

First on this list goes this ck watch (the sad truth is - it's fake) that might last about a month or two if I won't take better care of it - I have already dropped it down few times the other day. I'm thinking of saving up to buy a real one though.

Then there are two shirts that I've bought for my boyfriend (pardon the quality of the pictures, I guess I had to shoot them in better light, not in that lame-ass darkness outside the window)

Then I've got the hyper super mega nice ombre-like jumper which is also warm; that's a good thing

And last but not least - I've got this purple bag for my grandmother's birthday and she absolutely loved it! I could even imagine myself with this

And that's pretty it - I didn't shoot the cosmetics because there's nothing really interesting - just an eyeliner, few facial masks and an eyeshadow. Oh, and I've bought two pairs of shoes online that I'm gonna get next week and show it here.

AND there's the announcement:
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the 100th post of my blog !
(Oh, way to waste such important post on shit you've got, dork)

So some time next week I'm planning on making a little giveaway, so stay tuned if you'd like to get something handmade from my ugly fat ass hands : D (it would probably be earrings or a necklace, I haven't decided yet, or maybe both)

Yep, so I had both - the goods I've bought and the announcement covered. Time to get offline and start to prepare my ugly non-face to this party I'm attending (nothing too fancy, just few dj's in a bar - my boyfriend's one of them, so : ) )

bye now,
xoxo, korin


  1. You look sexy! Great photos, dear! Good luck on your giveaway and congrats! :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

  2. The watch looks great, even if it´s fake ;)

    1. yeah, but still. An original is an original : )
      thanks though !


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