DIY day: half hour clutch

Hi !

Today I'm pretty productive so I'm sharing my joy with you by posting an incredibly easy clutch project. But I mean, really, like, it's so simple to make, that I could do one every other day : )

1. So first I've found the faux leather to make the clutch and brought all 'ingredients' that might be neccessary  for this DIY - scissors, pencil, ruler and a zipper of preferred length. Mine was about 39cm.

2. I just drawed two squares of approx. 41 cm in length and 28 cm in width on the other side of the leather and cut them out.

3. Then I sew the two pieces and the zipper together.

4. When I sew the zipper, it was strong enough to make the inside part pop out, so at first I decided to sew it but then I thought it wouldn't look nice

5. So I took a bit of super glue , but not that that glues your fingers instantly during the lesson at school so you can't write the rest of your day, but some sort of 'Power gel' . So yeah, I've glued the popping ends and kind of pressed it so the ends would stick together

6.  And voila ! couple of minutes later you already have a nice clutch.

Though it does not look big, it's actually pretty spacious - I've already stuffed in my sketchbook, two books I've borrowed from the library, my ipod, wallet and my little cosmetics bag and I could still fit few things such as keys and cellphone. A perfect clutch for a casual day when you don't need all the crazy books and laptops and a bunch of other stuff.

Todays soundtrack is 'machine gun' by portishead, I'm listening to it repeatedly for several hours now.
Also, yesterday I've watched this beautifully made film 'Pelican Blood (2009)' It officially makes my TOP films list because of the film itself and because I really like Harry Threadaway's acting. I literally cried about an hour after the filmh ended so pretty and sad the ending was.

Bye bye now gonna go do some stuff (hopefully useful)


The end

Hi guys !

So the giveaway is now ended (yesterday, actually, but I wanted to leave it for this morning) and I already know the winner !
According to the random number generator my earrings are going to number one, http://flavourofirony.blogspot.com , congrats !  I'll contact you soon.

Thank you all for entering and good luck !

Sveiki !
Taigi, šis giveaway pasibaigė (iš tiesų baigėsi vakar, bet norėjau palikti šiam rytui) ir gurkšnodama puodelį kavos jau žinau laimėtoją : )

Pasak atsitiktinių skaičių generatoriaus, auskarėliai naujus namus ras pas numerį 1, komentaruose pažymėtą melancholijos vardu (http://flavourofirony.blogspot.com) Sveikinu : ) su tavimi greitai susisieksiu.

O kitoms dėkoju už sudalyvavimą ir sėkmės !

see you later


Style trick

Hello you all !

This time I come back with a little style detail I use almost everyday.
As I often say, most of the tops looks way better the other way round. Just like this jumper ! But as it has a hanger (why the hell it's even there ?) that pops out I thought 'Oh why don't I hang a clip-on earring on it to make the hanger as an accessory ? So I did and it looks quite good, better that I expected, actually !

Well, why did I picked this jumper in the first place ? Tomorrow I'm planning to explore this new-superb-extra-future-licious library, so I assumed I better dress comfortably, not too fancy. And, as it's not so cold outside anymore, I can drop all the thick sweaters away and dress a bit lighter: )
So mainly what I'll gonna do is to put on skinny blue jeans, basic black tank-top and this grey sporty backwards jumper with a little twist on it

Off I go now,
Bye !

P.S. Don't forget to jump right in the giveaway train here


A muddy plumber slash techno musician

I written 'If I were a musician, this would be my album cover' under this photo in my facebook and a friend commented 'If you were a plumber and had a website, this could also be your website cover' I laughed so hard !

 Hi internet !

As I'm a terrible procrastinator and I have no real life, I always come up with ideas just in order to push things I have to do away. Like yesterday I probed a face mask and documented it on camera. Then, of course, I spent about a lightyear editing and making a stop-motion-video-whatever. I'm starting to think I'm in a slightly wrong barchelor programme : D

But, jokes away, today at the college we had a seminar with a person from CSVPA talking about studies there. I'd really like to do a master degree if I ever did one or at least a BA TOP-UP for one year, but I'm too scared I suppose. I mean, I like the language and the country (I guess) but still, there should be something REALLY BIG to push me to study there. Ohhhh, I'm having such a student-year-midlife-crisis ARRRRGGGHHH.

So yeah, go watch my miserable failure at making video and the mask and don't forget to enter the glorious little giveaway (bhah, yeah) if you haven't already.

Byeeeeee !


a day for a little giveaway

SIDE NOTE: This is the first time I'm writing this on both - english and lithuanian languages

Hi ladies and gentlemen !

It's time for my little 100th post giveaway. What I'm giving you this time is these chain earrings I've made myself.

Sveiki, ponios ir ponai ! 
Atėjo metas pirmajam nedideliam mano giveaway, skirtam šimtajam mano įrašui paminėti. Šį kartą į jūsų rankas atiduodu savo gamintus 'grandininius' auskarėlius.

They're actually pretty nice and looks good (I made one of these earrings to myself about four months ago and I love it since). I even made a promotional gif-video : D I'm really into gifs lately o.o

Tiesą sakant, jie tikrai smagūs ir gerai atrodo (Žinau, nes prieš kokį ketvertą mėnesių sau pasidariau vieną tokį- iki šiol jį tampau). Tiems auskarams netgi padariau 'promoutinį' - ne va tai reklaminį vaizdelį, kadangi pastaruoju metu visai pamėgau gif paveikslėlių kūrimą.

So all you have to do is follow me here on blogger, bloglovin' (both buttons on your right), or my twitter (you can folow me on one of these of your choice or all of them) and then comment under this post saying ' I'm following you on ...' and that's it, you're in,starting now, this very moment !
The winner will be announced in one week exactly, and to make this fair, I'll use the random number generator to chose one of the number of entrees.

Visa, ką turite padaryti, tai yra sekti mane čia, blogger paskyroje, bloglovin' svetainėje (mygtukai jūsų dešinėje) ar mano twitter profilyje (viename iš šių, pagal patogumą arba visuose trejuose) ir parašyti komentarą po šiuo įrašu su žodžiais "Aš tave seku per ... " ir viskas, jūs jau dalyvaujate. Laimėtoją paskelbsiu lygiai po savaitės ir, kad būtų teisinga, tą, kuri laimėjo, išrinksiu naudodama atsitiktinių skaičių generatorių.

So, good luck, enter yourself and spread the word !

Taigi, sėkmės, dalyvauk pats ir pasakyk draugui !



crazy shoe storm

and that's just a piece of the floor

Hi everyone !

So today, as if I wanted to prove how procrastinaty I am even more, I thought of making a gif with all my shoes.
ON MY LAST DAY OF HOLIDAY. (chick, you for real ? )
So I did and now half of my room is crammed with shoes. Like literally, I feel like there was an earthquake and everything now is on floor. I can't even swim through the sea of stuff that's on the floor to get out of my room and that's not even the week of final exams ! (As a matter of fact, everything's on the floor - shoes, boxes, cups of morning coffee) I'm such an awful person.

But yeah, I kinda succeeded making the gifs (though I consider myself a terrible photographer):

shoe c(o)unt

whoah grandma

(I just love being bloody sarcastic)

So I've got 30 pairs of shoes, 28 of them plain, 2 pairs striped. 
12 pairs of black shoes, 5 pairs of grey-ish shoes, 4 pairs of brown shoes, 3 pairs of nude shoes, 2 pairs of blue/white shoes and one pair each - red, green, purple and bronze kind of like shoes.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed my stupid time misspending way, like my baby sister did - she said my blog is funny when I showed her the last post. Well, actually, she's not a baby anymore, she's like 16, so the technical term would be 'little sister', though she's not so little anymore either.

Bye now, I'm going to try to get everything in place after my little 'SHOE STORM ACCIDENT'
xo xo 


Shoe c(o)unt! + a teaser

Today's look
Hi everyone !

So today I've got my shoe-y-s and the suddenly I started to count how many of them I have. So I sorted it into groups:
* 10 pairs boots (ankle to overknee length)
* 1 pair of rainboots (not a huge fan of rain)
* 4 pairs of sneakers (love 'em, rarely wear them)
* 4 pairs of wedges (espadrilles to ankle lengths)
* 2 pairs of highheels (bigger fan of wedges, though)
* 6 pairs of sandals (well, what can I say - I love summer)
* 2 pairs of ballet pumps (basic reds and platformed blacks)
* 1 pair of undefined shoes - as I imagine them - balletpumps, sneakers, platformed shoes hybrids

So that, my dear friends, makes it 30 pairs and they are just stuffed into my Vilnius's wardrobe. I don't know how many there are lying back at my hometown (Fair 5 pairs for sure)
Is it much? Am I a shoe-o-holic ? Should I stop or should I embrace my passion for shoes ?
So many questions, not enough answers : D

But oh, what's that ?
The photos of my new shoes : p

1. grey/brown high heels

2. Green wedge boots

Oh, and one more thing (read this in your most fateful voice):  the teaser part

So this, apparently, is the start of making the giveaway object (I'm thinking about making earrings more than a necklace). So stay tuned and keep your eyes open if you want to know when I'm announcing my little giveaway.

Bye now,

P.S. Today I helped a blind woman at the train station as she was from other town and didn't know the way very well. So I helped her cross the street and walked her to the building she was headed. Aren't I just the sweetest girl in the whole world ? : ) (Cheshire cat face)