A muddy plumber slash techno musician

I written 'If I were a musician, this would be my album cover' under this photo in my facebook and a friend commented 'If you were a plumber and had a website, this could also be your website cover' I laughed so hard !

 Hi internet !

As I'm a terrible procrastinator and I have no real life, I always come up with ideas just in order to push things I have to do away. Like yesterday I probed a face mask and documented it on camera. Then, of course, I spent about a lightyear editing and making a stop-motion-video-whatever. I'm starting to think I'm in a slightly wrong barchelor programme : D

But, jokes away, today at the college we had a seminar with a person from CSVPA talking about studies there. I'd really like to do a master degree if I ever did one or at least a BA TOP-UP for one year, but I'm too scared I suppose. I mean, I like the language and the country (I guess) but still, there should be something REALLY BIG to push me to study there. Ohhhh, I'm having such a student-year-midlife-crisis ARRRRGGGHHH.

So yeah, go watch my miserable failure at making video and the mask and don't forget to enter the glorious little giveaway (bhah, yeah) if you haven't already.

Byeeeeee !


  1. My boyfriend and I have been making stop-motion videos as well! It's really fun. Love your photos :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

    1. Is there some place that I could watch it ?

      Thank you dear !

  2. Then, of course, I spent about a lightyear plumber jacksonville florida editing and making a stop-motion-video-whatever.


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