crazy shoe storm

and that's just a piece of the floor

Hi everyone !

So today, as if I wanted to prove how procrastinaty I am even more, I thought of making a gif with all my shoes.
ON MY LAST DAY OF HOLIDAY. (chick, you for real ? )
So I did and now half of my room is crammed with shoes. Like literally, I feel like there was an earthquake and everything now is on floor. I can't even swim through the sea of stuff that's on the floor to get out of my room and that's not even the week of final exams ! (As a matter of fact, everything's on the floor - shoes, boxes, cups of morning coffee) I'm such an awful person.

But yeah, I kinda succeeded making the gifs (though I consider myself a terrible photographer):

shoe c(o)unt

whoah grandma

(I just love being bloody sarcastic)

So I've got 30 pairs of shoes, 28 of them plain, 2 pairs striped. 
12 pairs of black shoes, 5 pairs of grey-ish shoes, 4 pairs of brown shoes, 3 pairs of nude shoes, 2 pairs of blue/white shoes and one pair each - red, green, purple and bronze kind of like shoes.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed my stupid time misspending way, like my baby sister did - she said my blog is funny when I showed her the last post. Well, actually, she's not a baby anymore, she's like 16, so the technical term would be 'little sister', though she's not so little anymore either.

Bye now, I'm going to try to get everything in place after my little 'SHOE STORM ACCIDENT'
xo xo 


thanks for reading and commenting, you're the best xx