DIY day: half hour clutch

Hi !

Today I'm pretty productive so I'm sharing my joy with you by posting an incredibly easy clutch project. But I mean, really, like, it's so simple to make, that I could do one every other day : )

1. So first I've found the faux leather to make the clutch and brought all 'ingredients' that might be neccessary  for this DIY - scissors, pencil, ruler and a zipper of preferred length. Mine was about 39cm.

2. I just drawed two squares of approx. 41 cm in length and 28 cm in width on the other side of the leather and cut them out.

3. Then I sew the two pieces and the zipper together.

4. When I sew the zipper, it was strong enough to make the inside part pop out, so at first I decided to sew it but then I thought it wouldn't look nice

5. So I took a bit of super glue , but not that that glues your fingers instantly during the lesson at school so you can't write the rest of your day, but some sort of 'Power gel' . So yeah, I've glued the popping ends and kind of pressed it so the ends would stick together

6.  And voila ! couple of minutes later you already have a nice clutch.

Though it does not look big, it's actually pretty spacious - I've already stuffed in my sketchbook, two books I've borrowed from the library, my ipod, wallet and my little cosmetics bag and I could still fit few things such as keys and cellphone. A perfect clutch for a casual day when you don't need all the crazy books and laptops and a bunch of other stuff.

Todays soundtrack is 'machine gun' by portishead, I'm listening to it repeatedly for several hours now.
Also, yesterday I've watched this beautifully made film 'Pelican Blood (2009)' It officially makes my TOP films list because of the film itself and because I really like Harry Threadaway's acting. I literally cried about an hour after the filmh ended so pretty and sad the ending was.

Bye bye now gonna go do some stuff (hopefully useful)

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