Shoe c(o)unt! + a teaser

Today's look
Hi everyone !

So today I've got my shoe-y-s and the suddenly I started to count how many of them I have. So I sorted it into groups:
* 10 pairs boots (ankle to overknee length)
* 1 pair of rainboots (not a huge fan of rain)
* 4 pairs of sneakers (love 'em, rarely wear them)
* 4 pairs of wedges (espadrilles to ankle lengths)
* 2 pairs of highheels (bigger fan of wedges, though)
* 6 pairs of sandals (well, what can I say - I love summer)
* 2 pairs of ballet pumps (basic reds and platformed blacks)
* 1 pair of undefined shoes - as I imagine them - balletpumps, sneakers, platformed shoes hybrids

So that, my dear friends, makes it 30 pairs and they are just stuffed into my Vilnius's wardrobe. I don't know how many there are lying back at my hometown (Fair 5 pairs for sure)
Is it much? Am I a shoe-o-holic ? Should I stop or should I embrace my passion for shoes ?
So many questions, not enough answers : D

But oh, what's that ?
The photos of my new shoes : p

1. grey/brown high heels

2. Green wedge boots

Oh, and one more thing (read this in your most fateful voice):  the teaser part

So this, apparently, is the start of making the giveaway object (I'm thinking about making earrings more than a necklace). So stay tuned and keep your eyes open if you want to know when I'm announcing my little giveaway.

Bye now,

P.S. Today I helped a blind woman at the train station as she was from other town and didn't know the way very well. So I helped her cross the street and walked her to the building she was headed. Aren't I just the sweetest girl in the whole world ? : ) (Cheshire cat face)

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