a break

half of my final BA collection. G. Boguceviciute photo

I haven't been writing in ages now. I don't even miss writing that much anymore.
I don't feel like myself lately. I do what I want, what I like to do and don't push myself to do what I don't like. But still, everything's not fine at all.
"The truth is, I feel beyond sad. I feel empty. Numb." (Elizabeth Scott)

I'm trying to clean my mind and body for quite a while now in order to feel inner peace. My barchelor degree collection is mainly based on minimalism, it is my canvas on which I can start painting my adult life. And hell, I'm trying as hard as I can.

I guess I'm gonna leave this blog again, for months, I hope not a year. That's the biggest luxury of owning a blog - you can write whenever you feel like it, what ever you want. There's no schedule.
I'm still doing youtube videos though, which I like, that little chat to no one and to everyone all at once.

This is where I pause. I promise to come back

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